Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fish Bed

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I took a walk beside a creek close to my church looking for shots of birds &
butterflies. I saw an orange blob in the creek and went for a closer look. I saw a fish bed, a small collection of pebbles with several adult fish and maybe a hundred orange fingerlings. When I got home, I was very disappointed to see the soft focus. I went back a few days later, but the fish and the bed had vanished. I would not normally want to post a picture that wasn't crisp, but the subject is so cool, I made an exception.
Nikon D70 & 80-400mm at 400mm, 1/40s, f5.6, ISO 200


jamie said...

that's so cool looking though. don't be disappointed. i like it! beautiful orange fish - what kind are they?

JHO said...

I kind of like the haziness about it. I;d almost consider cropping a section of the orange fish on their own and making it a feature-losing the larger fish.


D Hanks said...

I think these guys are creek chubs but I'm not certain (pretty certain they're some type of chub though).