Sunday, March 05, 2006

Reedy River Run 2

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I like the colors & the all the bouncing heads. Am I taking the motion blur thing too far?
Nikon D70 & Nikkor 24-120mm at 58mm, 1/10s, f32, & ISO 200


Kevin Hughes said...

You can never take anything too far! When you start to put limits on yourself, your work will become limited. I like the past few posts alot. They show that you're not afraid to let yourself go, and that's the first step to creating great photographs. Keep it up!

micki said...

Nope, not too far IMO. Very entertaining.

Gregg said...

The bouncing heads are wild. It looks like there's more motion in their head than the rest of their bodies. This works for me.

Buffy said...

There are times where I go through entire weeks smack in the middle of that picture.

Everything is a blur.