Monday, May 08, 2006

Ben’s Creek

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A few weekends ago, Greenville hosted Artisphere, an outdoor arts festival. I saw a photographer with an interesting collection of what I think was a motion blur. Instead of the usual horizontal pan of people or things in motion, the pan was verticle and the subject was most often trees. You could do anything that is linear: tall grass, wicker, vines hair, etc. Here the result from my first effort. I think it has some potential. This was taken overlooking Ben's Creek near Reidville.
Nikon D70 & Nikkor 24-120mm at 24mm, 1/10s, f20, & ISO 200


MBrown said...

Have always liked these types of images, and especially like the one you have here with its horizontal presentation and excellent technique in blurring.

Nice one!!

erika said...

We stumbled across your blog several months ago and always check in. Your pictures take us home! We've moved away from SC and miss it terribly. Thanks for posting such great shots--you are very talented. We'll be back in the state next month for vacation and can't wait.