Thursday, May 18, 2006

Green Fog

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The green fog is really a leafy young sapling. While I was in the woods, I spotted a deer standing on his hind legs taking a peek at me. He skedaddled. Of my three vertical motion blurs, which one is the best?
Nikon D70 & Nikkor 24-120mm at 24mm, 1/6s, f18, & ISO 200


MBrown said...

Sort of hard to choose actually, since both of them are wonderful and well executed!
Still, ... I somewhat lean towards the vertical blur showing more pinestraw, as it gives me a bit to focus in on and to study because of the base of the trees that leads in and then out to those excellent contrasting colors.

Just print them big!!

keith said...

These are great blur shots, the green fog is amazing.